Saturday, September 08, 2007

Getting Caught Up

I haven't felt like blogging. It is that simple. I haven't read blogs, I haven't posted, I haven't thought much about blogging at all. I have found it a tad discouraging that when someone writes something original, they get very little feedback, but if a forwarded email is posted there are comments out the wazoo... I suppose us bloggers are just like everyone else, we want to be entertained, not enlightened. Anyhoo.. I was talking to a close friend yesterday and was reminded that this blog is for me, nobody else, so I needed to get back to it. She may be right, that is yet to be seen. Until then I will post when I feel like it, or not at all if I don't feel like it. Read this stuff or don't read it, tis up to you.

On to (somewhat) current happenings:

I was up in Annapolis last weekend, an unexpected trip. JC had emergency surgery and I took off to spend some time with him while he recovered. He lives outside of Annapolis, Maryland and I drove up on Friday afternoon. It is a 9 1/2 hour drive, but I am used to long drives so that really didn't bother me much. The worst part was trying to find my way around Washington D.C., but even that wasn't too bad because I had JC on the phone with me telling me what roads to take. ("495 North or 495 East??" "I don't know, the exit to the right." "Okay, that one says Baltimore/Tyson Center, I'll take that one." "NO! NOT THAT ONE!" "Alright then... I'll take the other one.") I did eventually find my way to his doorstep. It isn't nearly so complicated as it always seemed when he was doing the driving.

While JC was in the hospital, we spoke on the phone several times a day. He called me a couple of days after his surgery, and he sounded lucid. I had no reason to suspect otherwise anyway, until he started telling me about hallucinating after coming out from the anesthesia. I asked him what he hallucinated and he claimed he didn't remember. I told him that he wasn't allowed to hallucinate about anyone but me. He laughed and said, "That will be difficult with all these short little presidents."

"What... huh??? Did you say short little presidents??" He said, very quietly, "Yeah, I think I need to go now."

I knew then that he wasn't quite as lucid as I had first thought. I was laughing as we hung up.

He is now on the road to recovery and remembers nothing about short little presidents. I have taken on the task of making sure he doesn't live it down.

When I was driving home from Annapolis on Monday, I got a call on my cell phone from my mother, who felt it her duty to inform me of the goings on with my #1 child. Seems she let her boyfriend drive her car, and somehow it ended up totaled after smashing into two other cars (one of them a newish BMW). He had had a couple of beers, so we all assumed that he had been drunk and smashed it. He claimed, however, that the car had been stolen and he wasn't driving it. The police say otherwise. They claimed there was a witness who saw him get out of the car and leave the scene of the accident. He was promptly arrested. My daughter was distraught; she punched the wall and broke her wrist. I had been speaking to lawyer friends and telling her what was what, and trying to keep her calm for the last week.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon: I get a call from the #1 child, and she was both weak and giddy at the same time. When the boyfriend's attorney pulled all the records from the accident, it showed what time he reported the car stolen. 20 minutes before the wreck ever happened. That seems to be proof that he was speaking the truth. The attorney said that the guy was below the legal limits for DUI, so he can't even be charged for that. I feel a little bad that I didn't believe his story. To my daughter's credit, she stuck by him the entire time.

He will now have to listen to me nag at him for leaving the keys in the car while he went into the store. It is my duty as his future mother in law. hehe (It's a good thing he likes me.)

Work happenings:

For those of you who care to remember this post and this post, and also this post, regarding the continuing saga of the bathroom light, it is update time. Through all the drama, I was never nasty to Potty Monitor, I just did my own thing. I spoke to her if she spoke to me (which rarely happened).

A while back I had some copying that had to be done at work. If there is a lot of copying, we give the task to an outside company, who does the copying quickly and efficiently, and also who brings a small bag of six cookies when they return with the completed job. I had one of those bags of cookies on my desk. After doling them out to anyone who wanted one, there was one cookie left in the bag.. which I ate (it was sublime). A few minutes after the last crumb had been demolished, Potty Monitor strolled into my office and asked if she could have a cookie. I confessed to her that I had just eaten the last one. I did have the good grace to feel bad about it though. So on my lunch break that day I bought a candy bar and took it to Potty Monitor and apologized for being such a pig. She looked absolutely shocked, but thanked me.

Since that day her attitude towards me has thawed. She has begun to come into my office just to chat. The people in the office have now started teasing me about my new best friend. It just goes to show that being nasty gets a person nowhere.

I still turn off the bathroom light at every opportunity.

Okay.. so it is 11 days until Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19. That is the day I will being flying up to see my own personal pirate, and he can tell me how much he likes my booty and show me his swag. ;-)

Later, me Hearties.


BikerbabeNJ said...

You, my friend are a piece of work. How is #1 child's wrist btw????

Deb said...

Still broken. lol

The CEO said...

The police arrested him, when it is clear that he didn't commit the crime, and that the police acted capriciously, without thinking, in a prejudicial manner? Did I get that part right?

curmudgeon said...

So why doesn't potty monitor just have a motion sensor installed in the shitter to turn the light on when someone goes in?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm just glad your daughter and her boyfriend weren't in the car and hurt. It could always be worse.

Your handling of Potty Monitor was brilliant. It's especially hard to do something like that when someone has been such a pain in the butt, so you really rock. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Oh, wait.

I hope JC feels better, too, and that the short presidents don't get him.

Odat said...

Well, well, well, look who's back!!!!!!!! My blog idol!!!
I'm glad! ;-)

(btw, what's a swag???)


Deb said...

Swag is piratespeak for treasure. ;-)

Steven Swain said...

So is "booty." Glad to see you posting,and good to hear the new Potty Monitor strategy is working. Hell, I'm just glad to have time to stop by. :-)

Parlancheq said...

Actually, I think it can still work to be nasty, just so long as you butter people up with chocolate first. ;)