Friday, April 05, 2013

To Delete or Not to Delete.... THAT is the Question

Yeah I'm already bored.  All my blog buddies have quit blogging, with the exception of one or two that no longer visit because I was non-existent for a while.  So the question remains, should I just delete this tired monstrosity?  Or leave it alone to live on in perpetuity, forever, as a monument to my former life - although I have already disabled half the posts?

That is the question.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Shacking Up

I almost made a new blog.  Almost.  Don't know why really.  I thought I might be more comfortable if I were completely anonymous again, but I can't say that I would be more inclined to keep up with it.  Some days I miss blogging - like when I see a stupid phrase in the mainstream media like the term "Shacking Up."  That sounds so 70s, so ridiculous, yet I can't really think of anything better. 

Yes, I am shacking up with a man to which I am not legally married.

Someday the above sentence will not sound so archaically outdated.  Or maybe I am just a strumpet.

For anyone who happens to wonder what is going on with me, I will do a quick update.  I may try to keep up here, I may not, but for right now this is the (very short) story of my current activities:

1)  I am a Realtor.

I sell houses, I help people find houses to rent.  I have never, in all my days, have had to hope and pray that any of my current clients don't change their minds about selling/buying/renting - or my puppies don't get to eat.  Oddly enough though...?  I love doing it.  I am not bound to a desk all day, I am not tossed by the whims of a boss.  I am my own boss and although some days I work for free - I am loving every minute of it.  Plus once I get caught up on some bills I am buying a pottery wheel and a kiln.  I'm gonna - don't try to stop me.

 2)  I am a Pinterest addict.

There is something about that site that makes me go back every single day.  To me its like getting a visual glimpse into what makes everyone on there tick.  If its unpleasant I can unfollow them and they just never notice that I'm gone.  If its beautiful- I, too, can pin the beauty and share it.  My DIY board is getting quite extensive and I have yet to really do anything off of it.  I will though!  I swear I will!  (P.S.:  The Orange Dreamsicle Cake was underwhelming - I'd leave it off if I were you.)

3)  (For today) I am an earlybird with a very sore jaw.

I have an abscessed tooth.  It made my jaw swell up and boy oh boy did it hurt.  I caved and went to the dentist - who incidentally decided that I was off to the hospital - but I convinced him it was getting better so he relented and put me on antibiotics instead.  The problem is he poked and prodded the bad area so much that now it is really sore again.  Probably why I feel I should write down my thoughts... in case I die today then there will be some sort of record of my last words.  *insert smiley here*

4) When I make zombie type jokes - they are only jokes I swear!

I seem to have most of my friends on Facebook convinced that I want to be a zombie when I grow up.  Its not true - I really don't want to be.  The thought of eating raw, uncooked brains makes my throat try to claw its way out of my body.  So those people on Facebook can continue to believe it, but between you and me... its only a joke.   k?

5) We seem to have become a Pet Rescue house.

We now have 3 (count em) THREE dogs and 2 (yes two) cats.  We have Jake, who I have had since the beginning of time - or at least since before I started this blog.  Jake has been around for the long-haul.  He's a good boy.  Although to be honest I almost feel silly calling him a good boy since in dog years he is approximately 105 years old (or more).  He's still relatively healthy, although getting around is a tad difficult for him.  He is content to sleep on his cushy bed most of the day.  Next is Splotch.  We acquired his happy ass last August when I (misguidedly) decided to go to the SPCA because they claimed to have 2 Shelties up for adoption.  When I arrived the Shelties were gone, but there was Splotch (formerly known as Slugger) bouncing like he has springs on all four feet.  It amused me every time I walked by his cage- BOING BOING BOING - and he looked so dang happy to see me! The problem was he is a cocker spaniel, which is not my favorite type of dogs.  The experience I have had with them is that they are dumb as a bag of hair.  But I couldn't get past how cute he was when he bounced, so he came home with me.  He was quite hyper and John took him to obedience classes.  A LOT of them.  Splotch is now a graduate of advanced dog training at PetSmart.  He is a lot better behaved now, but I credit that more to Marco than the pet training.  Marco, you see, is our new kitten.  He and Splotch were best buds from day 1.  Its cute, adorable, yadda yadda.  Now Marco is full grown and when he plays with Splotch it looks like they are trying to kill each other.  They're not (I hope).  Then came Mercy - John's Silky Terrier.  Long story on how she came to be here, its not especially my favorite story so I will skip it.  All I can say is she makes John seven kinds of happy, so I can't complain much.  I will say that when we ended up with three dogs (and two cats), I became a sullen bitch... too much for me.  I am adjusting nicely though, I think.

5)  I bought my mother a ruby pendant for her birthday.

In the picture it was so pretty, a 4 carat bright red ruby, square cut (or whatever).  Then it arrived.  Turns out it is 14 carat, then thing is freaking huge.  My mother isn't going to wear that!  I can hear it now... its too gaudy.  Not that she'd ever say that to me, oh no.. she'd say it to everyone BUT me.  I know this because she has said that to me about other pieces of jewelry she has.  What the hell am I going to do with a 14 carat ruby pendant that my mother is going to refuse to wear??

Alright, I know this probably doesn't even need to be said, I am positive I lost everyone who even attempted to read this right around paragraph 1 1/2, and I am getting tired of all this catching up, it could go on and on since I haven't blogged in like 28 years. 

Smoke break!

More later (maybe).  Love ya!  Mean it!