Monday, August 31, 2009


FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST - Thank God Almighty I'm Free At Last!

JC has given me his blessing to leave the employ of that awful, awful discount department store. Working there has been a nightmare, with girl drama, drunken debauchery, long hours and low pay and various (albeit entertaining) scenarios, but which make the working atmosphere difficult to tolerate. No more "Morning Huddles," where the manager gathers all the opening employees together to tell them how much profit was made the day before (but still we get low pay). No more being told one thing by your trainer, only to find out when you are written up for something that the trainer gave you the wrong information. No more being excluded from possible promotions because you had been written up (for the bad info the trainer gave you). No more "guests" ranting to you about how they are uncomfortable buying a princess costume for their little toddler girl, because they are raising her to understand the power of women and that rescue from Prince Charming is not the reality of an empowered woman's life. No more middle-aged women asking me to find out if the teeny bopper bikini comes in a size 18. No more befuddled house husbands coming in to shop for a mu mu for their wife and asking to be directed to the mu mu department. No more going to management with a serious issue, only to be told to come back in 30 minutes... at which point they disappear and refuse to answer your phone calls.

No more incompetent team leads humiliating you in front of a crowd because you forgot to put your name tag on. No more being blamed for being unable to find something when it was another team's job to find it and give it to you, but they couldn't be arsed.

OKAY... ahhh I feel so much better now, getting all that off my chest. TARGET TARGET TARGET. hehe