Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Epic Saga of The Palmetto Bug

Also known as palmetto bug, water bug or sewer roach, it is the largest of the species - up to 3.8 cm long and reddish brown in color. They are attracted to sweets, grain, and decaying matter. These roaches are found under wood, near pools, dense vegetation and utility boxes. They will invade both inside and outside the house. They are known to come up through the drains and toilets and get into peoples homes from the sewer.

Courtesy of this bug site. Yuck.

I had one of these in the middle of my kitchen floor yesterday when I came home for lunch. It was on it's back and struggling to regain his footing, but alas, I took advantage of its moment of weakness and sprayed the vile creature with a biological weapon of mass destruction (a/k/a Raid).

Jake usually is my big bug killer. In the past he has taken great delight in stomping, biting and kicking these things to death, but as I was standing in the kitchen, the possibility for edible delights was upon him and his concentration sagged. He glanced at it, he kicked it around once or twice, but then he resumed his focused watching of my every move in case he missed me offering him something tasty. I ended up having to dispose of the thing by myself. I'm a girl. Girls are not equipped to deal with 2 inch long roaches.

It is just plain disgusting and I felt I needed a bath afterward.


Odat said...

"Girls" are equipped to handle more than 2 inches...(did I just say that????)

The CEO said...

It's a good thing you weren't armed.

Deb said...

Yes Odat, you trash mouthed wench, you did say that. lol

And CEO.. if I had had a shotgun I'd have blasted the thing and sent it straight to Jesus. I hate those icky things.

BikerbabeNJ said...

the only good bug is a dead bug. (well that's what I've taught my kids so I don't hafta kill em)

Parlancheq said...

You can give a roach a fancy-sounding name like Palmetto bug, but in the end, it's still a roach. Yuck!

seventh sister said...

We just smacked one of these things in our bedroom. I usually send them into their next lifetimes myself but this one was too high up on the wall forme to reach and I had to call the Tall One to do it.