Monday, February 14, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

For a change I am doing a serious post.  I now have two friends who are suffering the affects of this little known addiction and I wanted to bring your attention to it so that you can avoid the snare.  Just don't start and you won't get hooked, its that simple... not even one experiment.  Apparently, from watching these two friends of mine, all it took was one little sample and BOOM... after that they could not stay away, no matter how much their friends and family yelled at them.

Yes.  I'm speaking of...  cat poop.

My dogs, my two friends, are totally addicted.  They cannot stay away, no matter how much I yell, punish, throw things.  I've even resorted to saying "BAD DOG!"  It has no affect.  They are moved by an unknown compulsion.  I assume it is psychological rather than physical, but until I am able to make them go cold turkey that part is unknown.

Even this morning Jake, my beloved Georgia boy whom I have lived with for the last 11 years, he came wandering out of the laundry room with a goofy, happy expression on his face, smacking his lips as if he's just sampled the world's greatest chocolate.   (Okay chocolate was a bad choice, but you get what I mean.) I shook my finger in his face, I yelled at him, I called him names like stoopid bad dog -- to no avail.  The addiction has gripped him beyond all reason.

I hope that we can serve as a cautionary tale to you, dear friends.  I do not want to see you, too, become a slave to the cat poop addiction.


Jess said...

You will have to talk to Larkin about this one...she has cat poop eaters. I think she ended up changing her litter box.

Deb said...

I looked it up (my 2 minute Google research). Its a common problem, and not really even a problem. Apparently dogs go for it because its protein. It won't hurt them, its just disgusting.

But on the bright side, it helps keep the litter boxes clean. hehe