Monday, February 21, 2011

I Got Nuthin

It is times like these that I wish I could call myself a writer, so that I could claim to have a killer case of writer's block. But since I am not a writer, just a goofball, I guess what we have here is a case of goofball block.

I see something on the internet that makes me snicker a lil.. think that it might possibly make a good blog post - my brain will even kick into gear, "yeah yeah, we could do something with that!" But then 2.5 seconds later it is forgotten amongst the daily tv listings, Facebooking, dog chasing, cat swearing, bookreadingmusiclisteningspringwishing... well, you get the point - and then there is the whole laziness factor. One thing I wanted to do I couldn't do because I would need to screenshot what was on my screen, but then I would have to add in edits, but since I got this new computer I haven't yet reinstalled my graphics program so that I could add in edits, and I didn't exactly know where my graphics program was stashed, I think I do (possibly in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet, or maybe upstairs in the spare bedroom in that basket where I stashed a bunch of loose CDs), but here again the laziness factor comes in, I just can't be arsed to look.  So my brilliant idea just seems like too much work. 

I think I have cabin fever. 

Turn up the music.

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curmudgeon said...

It sounds like you need to sit back and u=enjoy some .38 Special, and chill.