Friday, February 04, 2011

I Don't Do This Often

So I was sitting here ruminating in my mind.. chewing over, if you will..  the idea of celebrity perfumes.  Wouldn't it be just amazingly awesome if our favorite celebrities made perfumes just for us commoners, so that we, too, might have just a touch of the life that they have, that we might smell as their radiant greatness smells, so we can stink just like them.  Wouldn't that be nifty??   Oh wait... there isn't a celebrity out there who hasn't decided that we commoners don't smell as pretty as they do so they have made it their mission in life to improve the odor in our personal space.  So, I decided, that subject is B.O.R.I.N.G.

But on the bright side, while I was doing my 2 minute research on the subject, I stumbled across something much more interesting.  I give you the Betty.  For those of us girls who still have, ya know, unkemptness in our nether regions, this product is for you. 

Our Award Winning betty™ products are specially formulated color dyes for the hair down there. In just a few years, we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers using betty to naturally match their hair above, cover gray or just for fun! Whether you're a blonde (be a true blonde now!), radiant auburn, rich brunette, raven black or want to try hot pink for fun, our easy to use no-drip formula gives you the perfect finishing touch.

Sorry, but I have always been somewhat disturbed at the thought of gray hair DOWN THERE.

The site says, "This Valentines Day give a Love or Fun betty kit!" *Comes with free heart stickers* I guess that is to turn your lady bits into fun piles of red/hot pink fuzz, and cover it with heart stickers.  I don't know about you, but if J got me this for a gift, my response would be "I will if you will, and only then." 

Apparently the men love it too!


When we first launched the betty colors, we didn't realize how many men would be interested in using it. Turns out that men love betty to manscape - dye their hair down there! Our male customers told us they had no product to use to cover gray, tried current mens hair color products for color manscaping- but it left them severely irritated and burned.

Men everywhere are flocking to use betty's specially formulated no-drip hair dyes made with natural ingredients and skin conditioners, keeping any betty (or bob!) safe!

St. Patrick's Day is coming up -

Please please please.. anyone who is willing to try this, send pics of your clover shaped.. ya know... yeah that, along with a leprechaun sticker stuck to it. I don't normally want to post pics of that but I totally will if you will let me put your name on it.

I would, but I lack the... J likes it......... well.......... I don't have....

Okay. Nevermind.


Odat said...

Don't look to me!!! ahahahah.

Jess said...

Disturbed by the gray down there?!? What? You don't have gray down there?!? I mean, I totally do...and I am not ashamed to admit it...though it is probably pretty obvious since I have so much gray on top. Indeed, the carpet DOES match the drapes.

I am going to have to look into this Lucky Betty. I could just see us all in the bathroom now trying not to fuck up the design. That is what true friends are for.

Deb said...

Kathy - why not? Why can't we look at you? Details on exactly why please.

Jess - No, I do not have any gray down there for an obvious reason or two. (snicker) If you try this out please send pics. :-)

LilliGirl said...

um. ok. um. no...I'll gray gracefully but am intrigued by dying it all pink. Would that be um...nah. Do let us know if you get a taker.

We're counting on you Jess!