Monday, February 07, 2011


You will not believe this you just will not.

I killed two (count em 2) laptops last week.  First was my one that I have used for 3 years, which I explained in an earlier post.  Dead.  So I got a new 3D laptop that I loved.  Unfortunately from the start the screen would flash in pretty colored lines, so I was afraid that the graphic card on that one was bad.  Sure enough, over the weekend it went completely apeshit and had to be returned to the store.  Unfortunately, Best Buy no longer had anymore of those nifty little things, and J was insisting I get my 3D laptop.  I'm not sure if he wants to keep me entertained or if he liked the prospect of it entertaining him in the near future (I suspect he's thinking porn in 3D, which might be funny to watch actually - "WHOA watch where you are pointing that thing!").  Anyway, since they no longer had any in the store, he had them order me an upgraded version which will not be delivered until the end of this week.  At the moment I am on his monster laptop (which has its own issues but will do temporarily).  And by monster laptop, I'm talking 20 inch screen and heavy as a stack of bricks... that kind of monster. 

The thing is I am now paranoid.  It takes a special kind of talent to kill two laptops in less than a week.  Pray for me that I don't kill J's laptop as well. 


Jess said...

They actually DO have porn in 3D! How funny is THAT!!

But yes, that is a string of some bad luck there! Two in one week is amazing!

Deb said...

Do they really? I was joking, but hmmmmmm.... lol

Yeah why aren't you up here to fix em for me?? I'll supply the beer, I swear this time!