Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Googly Moogly!!!

So I may (or may not) have told you about J's son now living with us. He's married, but nobody will take in him and his wife - I am pretty sure that the reasons being just their pure power to annoy the living shit out of everyone around them. Anyway, he is now staying with us. Our grocery bill has now tripled.

Example - last night we ordered one of those HUGE Pizza Hut Big Italy pizzas... along with 2 orders of bread sticks (when J asked my why I got two orders, I just said I would like to get one). So the pizza arrives, J gets a few slices, I get a few slices and I grab a package of the bread sticks, and he and I head down to the family room. Fast forward 30 minutes later with J's son hollering down could he have the other package of bread sticks. Since J and I had already split the other package, J told him yes, he could have them. We then went to go outdoors for a cigarette and passed by the EMPTY pizza box EMPTY!! This was a Big Italy, which, according to Wikipedia, is nearly 2 feet long! He ate the whole thing and then came back for the bread sticks!

Oh.MY. GAWD.. I can't even type that right I'm so amazed.

Then.. THEN... I get up this morning and wander through the kitchen thinking I might like a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal (I love that stuff). Actually it is the Malt-O-Meal brand but it tastes just as good. Anyway, last week we had bought the big gigantic bag of cereal (because we knew). That bag of cereal was approximately the size of a 20 pound bag of potatoes, it was a LARGE LARGE bag. I filled a cereal container with it and put it on the counter. Within 2 days it was half gone. So I refilled the container with what was left in the bag. I have had two (count em 2) bowls of my beloved Captain Crunch. But when I went in to fetch a bowl today was I able to get any? No. All that is left in the container is Captain Crunch dust. Taunting me.

He also ate my chicken that I had left over from our pub dinner the other night. Gone. Just gone.


Oh.. maybe I should put J's multiple containers of grits on the cabinet in the hopes that his son will snarf it up. I hate that crap.


Jess said...

Ahhh, you know, my parents became HUGE fans of the $5 footlong when it came out. I am pretty sure they almost put Subway out of business though...

I can't believe he ate your cereal AND your pub chicken. He hasn't drank your beer yet has he? That is instant death.

Jess said...

OH and I might clarify that my parents were fans of the $5 footlong because the boys EACH ate a footlong and my parents could share a footlong.

Deb said...

He did drink the beer. LOL But ya know I don't put as much importance on that as I do the Captain Crunch. J, on the other hand, told him that if he ever touches his beer again he's going to hurt him, that he is to buy his own beer from now on. lol

LilliGirl said...

totally fill the house with grits...then hide the good shit!

Deb said...

Lilli I try to hide the good shit.. he finds it. I hid my peanut butter up with the flour/sugar/baking soda. He found it and I had to move it again... I just can't remember where I moved it to.