Friday, November 12, 2010

The Final Countdown

Before you read this post you are required to click the play to the above video. It sets the tone.

Got it? Good.

Okay, we are on the final countdown of house moving. Almost everything is moved over, but now we have to go over and clean the place up. The bad part is that my knee is the approximate size and shape of a smallish basketball. It hurts... but I am trudging through, knowing that it has to be done. Also unfortunately, we are reaping the benefits of having two long haired dogs and a long haired cat. Piles of hair underneath every spot that there was unmovable furniture. Its icky.

On a side note, I'm listening to the above music while I type this, it is trying to inspire me to be overly dramatic about everything.

So, let me ask you guys' opinion. J has been busy moving his stuff over.. things he had packed in boxes, etc., that I have never laid eyes on. I was perusing the goods this morning and discovered three (count em' 3) pairs of girl shoes. Obviously they do not belong to him because his feet are bigger than that**. Anyway - I like em, they fit me, but I do believe they belonged to an old girlfriend of his. Would it be kosher of me to steal them? I have no qualms whatsoever of wearing old girlfriend hand-me-downs, but what if we run into her at the mall and she sees me wearing her shoes?? I've lived with him in heathen sin for 2 years now, I'm assuming she has no plans to come back for them, but still...... what do you think? (Hey, Brian J., if you are reading this, what would Dr. Creepy do??)

And another question!  Now that I'm in overly dramatic mode...   Why, oh WHY, can't my phone (Samsung HTC Epic) send pictures I have taken to my email.  I can take the pictures, it says they are emailed, but the emails never arrive THEY NEVER ARRIVENevermind..  it just arrived.

Dramatic Tree

This was taken in the front yard of our brand spanking new house.  Yes I know, I should be taking house pictures, but there are boxes everywhere and our pool is covered with some weird and unattractive barrier so that I can't access it.  I'm told its a pool cover, but it seems to have just been put into place to thwart me.  So you get trees.

I'm out.  Love ya mean it!!!

P.S.:  I had finished this post and was goofing off on the computer and decided to have a look at my sitemeter.  Someone was referred to this blog from doing a search for.......   wait for it.........  "peeing grannies."  That is just so wrong on so many levels.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

**What is it with me and cross dressing lately??


Jess said...

WEAR THAT SHIT! Who cares...pretend you got it at Goodwill! And if you haven't seen the bitch I am doubtful you will see her anytime soon! Also, I now have O'Fortuna stuck in my head.

I do like your dramatic tree! Much prettier than anything we have going on down here!

Deb said...

You should see the road from the old house to the new house.. OMIGAWD, sooooo pretty. But usually I'm driving and don't get to take pictures of them. If I can this weekend I'll try to grab one.