Wednesday, November 12, 2008


JC is in need of an intervention.

He has a problem that I cannot grasp, one that I cannot seem to figure a way around. I told him this morning it is becoming a problem and he just looked at me as if I were insane.

Something must be done.

The man is addicted... yes ADDICTED.. to the snooze button on his alarm. He has two alarms set and both are within reaching distance for him. He hits the snooze button on both over and over until I finally go in there and ask him politely to stop hitting the snooze buttons and get up like normal people do.

I wonder if there are any snooze button rehab centers near here.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Might I suggest this:

"Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide."

Haha, my word verification was "comena" like "coma" like "John in the morning"