Monday, November 10, 2008

And They're Off!

What an exciting day at the job interview race!

First up is government contractor, second slot is taken up by law firm receptionist, and third in the race is masting/rigging company assistant.

Racing fans the world over are on the edge of their seats to see who will win this one -

Government contractor is in the lead... this one started off with a few disadvantages, such as a finance position which to most newbies sounds like an incredibly boring job but if the price is right then boredom can definitely be tolerated and this entry has the most potential to come out on top.

Second up is the law firm receptionist position... which unfortunately was doomed from the get go. Low pay and having to answer the phone all day does not sound like the job to have at the moment, although if the offer is good and it carries good benefits in the saddle then it could overcome its obstacles and come out the winner.

Last up is masting/rigging company assistant. This one has virtually no chance of winning and this announcer has no idea why it is even entered in the race, but one never knows, does one. This announcer has seen entries with worse odds than this one come out in first place.

Updates will be provided as they become available. Place your bets folks, before the starting bell rings.


Odat said...

Good Luck!!! Let me know how it goes....

Jess said...

I am going for the government job personally...those kick ass! PLUS, the government is so rediculous at times that you will have great stories to tell! GOOD LUCK!!!

BikerbabeNJ said...

goooooooooo government job!!!!!!!!!!!! (hoot, holler, woof, woof) Do I sound like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? lol

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Good luck, Deb! Or maybe you'll win a lottery and all of this will be moot.

Deb said...

Well.. the government job is out, but the guy who interviewed me said he knew some attorneys who may need an assistant and that he would get back to me on it. The receptionist job is probably out because they pay crap. I already turned down the office assistant one because they sneakily disguised a full time job into a part time label so they don't have to pay insurance. Bastards.

And Heart? I suppose I should play if I want to win, eh? hehe