Friday, October 03, 2008

Poker (a/k/a Get Shitfaced) Night

At our office we have been discussing having a girl's poker night at my place for the last year. It never came about until yesterday, when one of the gang said WHEN ARE WE DOING IT??? I said I have no furniture. Everyone else said who cares we're there to get play poker (get drunk), not admire your furniture... so it was settled. Girls poker night at my house on October 17. The really entertaining thing about it though was the emails that went flying around about it:

First one, from Jess: In honor of finally (getting rid of) Debbie’s departure to lands far, far away we are having a girls poker night at her house on Friday, October 17th . There will probably more drinking and less poker playing, but we will have this shin dig under the guise of poker night for the sake of not calling it "a bunch of chicks getting drunk night". Hope everyone can make it!!!

From me: HEYYYYY... that wasn't nice. Look behind you, I'm crying now.

From Jess again: She wasn't. She was giving me the one fingered salute

From me again: That was the Hawaiian Peace Sign. Geesh.

From Larking, receptionist/my replacement: Note: Furniture not included.

From me (again): Yes yes.. I have no furniture to sit on, but I do have my dining table and chairs (still), a fold up chair and 2 loungers. And lots of boxes. Hopefully someone will take pity on my plight and bring along a beach chair or two for temporary usage. Also, does anyone actually own a deck of cards or are we all going to gather around the computer and play computer poker?

From Frances (another reprobate): I do but not sure about them - they offend the light hearted

From Chris (another secretary): I don't know how to play poker, except for the scratch off ticket one -- it tells you on the back which hand is better so you know if you have won or not.

From me: Cool! Bring lots of money.. we'll teach you how to play. mwahahahahahahaaaa

From Jess: Beverly has come up with the fantastic idea of perhaps throwing this par-tay at her house...she claims to have furniture.

From Chris: I have been there and she really does have furniture.

From me: You mean people do actually own that stuff? Weird.

And it goes on and on. I'm really going to miss this place.


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Damn we are hilarious. The good news is you will still have e-mail, so you can still be included!