Friday, August 22, 2008


Well okay, I’m not free, but I am cheap. I am a addict. I have not had to buy deodorant, toothpaste or razors for the last 2 years now. It is liberating, it is nice, it is better than nice that I don’t have to spend my hard earned cash on implements of personal hygiene. They are provided to me free of charge by companies who are trying to entice me to buy their products. How silly of them.

I did, however, come to the alarming realization that I should probably stop (or at least slow down) my free sample ordering, as I am going to be moving to a whole new area code in approximately 12 weeks. Since most orders take 8 to 10 weeks to arrive, that gives me only 2 more weeks of pleasurable cheapness. When I pointed this out to the Handsome JC last night, he became very still and quiet. I’m pretty sure it was out of fear that I would start having that stuff sent to his house. His only response was, “You can do a change of address once you move.” The man does not appreciate my frugalness.

He’ll thank me for this one day, once he gets a gander at my year supply of deodorant/toothpaste/razors/shampoo samples. In fact I don’t know why he seems so afraid of that aspect of my personality, he himself has, in the past, benefited from the razor selection.


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