Thursday, August 21, 2008

Office Conversations

Jess and I have frequent interesting office conversations. There are many times at the conclusion of one of these entertaining dialogues that I stop and say... BLOG POST! Yesterday there were two such moments.

The first conversation was discussing her post on the standing up dead dude. I told her about the picture I found of the guy who was buried in his Lamborghini:

About the Harley Hearse:

And about the coffin sofas that are available in kickin blue, sassy red or in the subdued, yet elegant, classic black:

The conversation then gravitated toward my own funeral, wherein I stated my wishes to have my urn set in the middle of all my drunken friends and that shall be my funeral. Jess told me to start saving up because she sure as hell wasn't paying for that keg (what a pal). I've decided to have the funeral director rig my urn to occasionally cough and have puffs of ashes come out the the top whilst my pals drink themselves silly all around me. Good times to be had by all.

Later in the day the conversation was about a person here in Savannah who went to jail for graffiti at the parking garage. There were photos of the graffiti on the news online page, and the graffiti SUCKED. There was no artistic thought put to it at all, and now this guy is probably not in jail for defasing public property, but more than likely he was arrested for lack of artistic imagination.

This then led the conversation on how it would go if we were sent to prison for bad graffiti art.....

"HEY MAN.. whaddya in for???"



"C'mere precious, whose yer daddy...."

Or something like that. If it were me I'd so totally lie about what I did to be sent to prison.

Hey... I think I can get another post out of this one. The title will be: What I Did To Be Sent To Prison.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to talk my son into finishing up his training at SCAD. He just came back from a year and a half at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Arent' you a little young to be thinking about funerals? I'm 55 and I make it a point never to do so.

Deb said...

I only think about them in the context of making it my going away party as hilarious as possible. I can't stand those sad, bawling squalling affairs and prefer not to subject my friends and family to it. But yes, I am much too young to be thinking in that direction. :)

CGHill said...

Graffiti will definitely land you on the Group W bench.

Deb said...

Alice's Restaurant. One of my favorites. :)