Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking Your Own Sweet Time

I have noticed an alarming trend in the blog world. Most of my regular reads, with the exception of a couple, only blog once every few weeks now. I understand that they have lives and all that crap, but come on... this is about ME and MY entertainment, which they are failing at. Daily blog posts people!

And no, I’m talking about them, not me.

There is one link on my linkage that hasn’t posted in over a year. I have kept his link up hoping he would make a miraculous return, but so far it hasn’t happened, so I must sadly remove him. *whimper*

Another one hasn’t posted since last winter, but I keep him on there because he was my very first blog buddy/crush and I know he’ll be back. YOU HEAR ME SASSAN??

Anyway, those of you who think you can get away with only posting once every week or so, think again. I am taking it upon myself to make sure you blog often enough to entertain me dammit.

P.S.: There are only 25 more days to Talk Like A Pirate Day.



BikerbabeNJ said...

good thing I'm off da hook.

MOVING?????? You must call me chicklet.

Deb said...

Why ya sound so surprised? It goes along with the whole getting married thing. :-)

But I will call you.