Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Stuff

My son, who was unexpectedly left behind in Dallas (and had to go back home), will be here this weekend for a 10 day visit. Yes, I sucked it up and just bought him a ticket this time. Unfortunately, since he doesn't know about this blog - I expect he would be a tad upset with me for posting about him eating worms n'shit, and since I have been told that blogging on the job is an absolute no no, and since I'm all about following the rules - I don't know how often I will be posting whilst he is visiting. Although I notice that I haven't posted anything since Monday, but that is for no reason at all except pure laziness on my part.

So, I'm saying all this just to say I'll be back when I'm back. If I get a moment of quiet I will post, but I expect with a very bored 17 year old around I will be reminded that there is life outside of my home and be forced to go to seafood restaurants and stuff, although he has told me that he totally wants to hang out with the two lesbians, their gay roomate, their 6 cats and 9 ferrets, and drink beer. I can arrange the lesbians, cats, ferrets, gay guy, but the beer is off the radar dammit.

Go read Brian J., who has posted a helpful shopping list for me of things to buy as Christmas gifts for my darling baby Brooke. hehe

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Jess said...

AH HA! But they said NOTHING about posting COMMENTS on a blog!

No beer for your kid, sorry. Oh and I don't think we should talk about beer today. Thanks.