Friday, July 11, 2008


Due to the unexpected fact that this blog has been accidentally discovered at work (more due to the fact that I'm a stupid git), this blog is being transformed from sarcasm central to more, shall we say, inspirational posts, to atone for my sins. (Kate Gosselin Hair Cut)

No more will you see naughty words here, such as fuck, shit, bitch or Pauly Shore. From now on lady bits will be referred to as "vajaja," and man bits will be referred to as "that dangly thing." *Kate Gosselin Hair Cut*

From now on when you visit this blog, you will go away with a sense of peace and tranquility. [Kate Gosselin Hair Cut]

I humbly apologize to anyone who may or may not have been offended by my evil ways. (Kate Gosselin Hair Cut)

Speaking of evil ways, I also humbly apologize to the hard drinking, tattooed & pierced lesbian for leading her away from the path of righteousness to a life of debauchery unlike any that our office has ever seen before (apparently). I recognize the fact that she would be a perfect angel if not for my vile influence. {Kate Gosselin Hair Cut}

Finally, please know that Jesus loves us. This we know. For the Bible tells us so. ~Kate Gosselin Hair Cut~


Odat said...

WTF?????? I don't think I'm coming back! :-)


Jess said...

First of all, I am not all of those things wrapped into one...I am individually pierced, tattooed and lesbianized.

SECONDLY, I see what you are doing don't want a Kate Gosselin Hair just want to take half of my 4,000 hits I get a month! You don't even care! You don't even want her hair!

Thirdly, you are my idol. That is absolutely genius what you are doing with that Kate Gosselin Hair Cut thing. Amazing really.

Here's to getting caught blogging at work! CHEERS!

BikerbabeNJ said...

Bad baaaaaad girl...