Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Noooo

I returned to the humble abode last night. I'm tired.. and what is worse is I feel horribly guilty as well. My 17 year old son is trapped in Dallas.

Here is what happened:

My brother is a pilot. He can get us tickets that cost us nothing, to fly pretty much anywhere. The problem though is that we have to fly stand by. Sometimes we can catch an easy flight and sometimes we can't, but its free so we don't complain. My son was flying back to Savannah with me yesterday. We survived the being trapped for 3 hours on the airplane that was sitting out on the runway whilst we waited for the storm in Dallas to stop. We survived the eating the TGIF food. We ran into my brother (in his pilot's uniform), and his fiance (in her flight attendant uniform), and we stood there and talked to them until time for our flight out of Dallas. It was nice, it was comfortable... and then the clerk called my name. They only had room for one of us on the flight. I had to be back to work today and my brother and his girlfriend promised to get my son on the flight to Jacksonville and then I could drive from here to pick him up.

Only they canceled the flight to Jacksonville.

So now my son is trapped in Dallas.

The guilt. Oh the guilt.

He probably had the time of his life, staying with his favorite uncle in their fancy new house.

The little shit.

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Odat said... called your son a lil shit! Potty mouth!!!

Hope he gets there soon! :-)