Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Have Had War Declared Upon Me

I have spoken many times about my highly entertaining work atmosphere. My office partner usually (KEY WORD HERE) has me rolling in the aisles. Today, however, she has declared war upon my person. This comes after yesterday, when she announced that I have become old and menopausal, and the fact that I have a can of chicken noodle soup sitting on my desk further cements her prognosis, seeing as how it takes no teeth to chew chicken noodle soup.

I'm about to show her little skinny ass what menopausal and hormonal truly means.

(wadding up piles of paper balls)


The CEO said...

Please don't tell me that it's Paper Wars, again? How did she ban anonymous comments?

curmudgeon said...

Teach her a lesson. Leave your used "Depends" in her wastebasket.

Jess said...

I am glad you mentioned that...I planned on getting her thesefor Christmas:

Deb said...

Just wait until she finds what I hid in her desk.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Unbelievable. Since when is chicken noodle soup indicative of menopause, and since when is menopause anybody's fault?

I'm sorry you have to work with a moron and wish that I could help you with your demonstration.

Jess said...


I jest. Deb says I have to be nice to you because she likes you. Just so you know, she likes me too...the "blog war" was a sick and twisted joke, because that is how menopausal people like Deb are. Remember - we sit about two inches (ok, ok, about 1 yard from each other) and that fact alone makes the blog war hilarious...especially since just about all of it took place during work hours.

So in clarity: Deb is NOT menopausal and I am not a moron. (well, I am sometimes...but in a really good way!)

Deb said...

I admit to being a little menopausal, just as Jess admits to being a little bit of a moron (HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA).

No really.. Jess and I are as close as two co-workers and friends can actually be. The blog war was made up. If I truly get mad at her I can just pop her on the back of the head.