Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Georgia Black Hole of Suckage

As anyone who has read this blog today know (or yesterday, or whenever you read it), my lovely Office Partner [hereinafter known as "That Thang"] has taken it upon herself to show her concern about the status of my bladder placement, and her fear that any bladder problems I may possibly experience might find its way to the vicinity of her noggin. (Okay, that line made me giggle.)

First, let me asssure all of you that my bladder is firmly where it has always been. I have noticed no signs of any displacement. Her melon is safe.

Now. I don't think I've told you about her move to Savannah from Macon. Apparnently she made the move on a whim, but it has actually worked out well for her. She gets to work with me, you see.

The problem is now everyone in Macon is finding themselves uncontrollably drawn to Savannah, which has forced me to come to the conclusion that Jess is the Black Hole of Suckage. Macon, Georgia will soon be a ghost town as everyone there is being sucked in by her gravitational pull.

I think I still have time to escape the affects of this suckage.


The CEO said...

If she is reputed to have such exceptional powers of suckage, wouldn't that make her a lonely lesbian?

I could have got it wrong, but shouldn't she and I have the same skill set? I am leaving the obvious rhetorical question alone here.

BikerbabeNJ said...

suckage... hmmmmm... me either CEO

Odat said...

Yeah I think you've touched on something here....suckage could be a good thing ya know!

The CEO said...

The obvious rhetorical question being ,"Am I really screwing my wife?"