Friday, October 12, 2007


Who knew there were so many choices (so little time). In the world of vibrators, I have come to realize there are more choices than one person can make.

First is the Blue Tooth vibrator. Apparently it can be operated via Blue Tooth from remote locations by a loving partner... but what happens if your partner has an ornery streak? Orgasm in that business meeting? While in line at the grocery store? Random orgasm while driving down the road? Anyway, here is the link.

How about this handy dandy vibrator for the person who wants to hide the fact that she (or he I guess) likes to have solo orgasms? Oh don't mind me, my cell phone is set on industrial strength vibrate. Hey Jess, does that sound familiar at all? (hehe)

Next we have the OhMyBod Ipod Vibrator. Plug this thang into your IPod and you get nifty vibrations to the beat of your music. (haha..she said beat)

For those of you have money to burn (or vibrate away), this 18k gold plated vibrator, retailing at $1,350. If you are interested, it can be ordered here.

The Hello Kitty vibrator. For those among us who rank high on the ickiness meter.

And finally, the best for last(or worst, whichever way you want to look at it). The pet vibrator. You know you love your dog. Unfortunately this has brought to my mind people who REALLY REALLY love their dog. I think I'll go bleach my eyeballs now.


The CEO said...

Thank you for the references for vibrators. I suppose this is for those times when my tongues, fingers, and powers of suckage simply aren't enough. One is never too old to learn, thank you.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The Hello Kitty vibrator? Omigod. That is seriously deranged. And the last one should be reported to the SPCA or PETA.

I guess the 18k gold one is for the likes of Britney and Paris, whose not-so-private parts are clearly made of precious metals.

I don't know where you find this stuff, Deb, and I'm not sure I want to know. But please don't stop.

CGHill said...

I just got a Bluetooth headset for my cell phone; I don't want it paired off with anyone's funsies.

Odat said... wonder I haven't seen you in a while! hehe.

Nina said...

Love the Bluetooth Toy idea!

Can you imagine your phone bill though, if you didn't have unlimited text messaging? Yikes!

Deb said...

Maybe I should go for the $1,300 one instead then.....