Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If I Used Tags.....

This one would go under the "I am an idiot" tag.

I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday (shaddup, it happens), and I opened my towel drawer. I stood there digging around for a minute wondering why the drawer seemed stuffed so full - when there it was. Half an onion in a ziploc bag.

Yes. For some reason unknown to modern man, I had put half of an onion into a baggie and then put it in my towel drawer. It had been there for days. I do not remember doing it. What's worse is I must have seen it when I was digging around for a dish cloth and I just passed right over it. It just didn't connect that there was an onion somewhere it wasn't supposed to be.

But, if I used tags, the following would be tagged under "ego strokes."

I don't know if you guys remember the story of the proposal, but yesterday I was talking to the same client. He was telling me about how he is leaving today for a two week trip to Australia. I told him I was jealous, that I had never been. He said, "Come go with me, I'll buy."

Holy GOD was it ever tempting... even JC told me I should go, although I reminded him that it was an invitation from a man who had proposed to me and that I would be expected to put out.

But I'd be putting out in Australia............ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........



Odat said...

I wonder what's in your underwear drawer! ;d


Deb said...

Who says I own underwear???


CGHill said...

Surely you don't lease it.