Friday, June 01, 2007

Wedding Proposals

I have been proposed to.

No, not by the one you would expect.

I was at work yesterday and a call came in from a client of my boss. The boss was out of the office so I took the call. The client is a cantankerous old sort of guy, gruff but nice enough. I like him, and he obviously likes me because he sent me $100 for Christmas.

Anyway, we were chatting on the phone with me doing my usual reassuring that his case is still ongoing, slow but steady, etc. etc., he made a comment that I laughed about. ("The longer the wait the bigger the kill.") He asked if I knew what it meant. Yup, I grew up in the hills of Oklahoma, I am familiar with hunting references. We discussed Bigfoot (he seems to be undecided on whether Bigfoot truly exists).

He then asked me if I was married yet. I laughed and said no, that no proposals have been forthcoming. He said, quite seriously, "I'll marry you." Ummmm..........

He told me I could move to where he was, that we had nothing better to do. I told him I would keep the offer in mind. (What else am I supposed to say??)

Later when I was telling my boss about the phone call, he was laughing hysterically and said he had suspected something like this for a while.



Odat said...

Hey go for it...does "the longer the wait, the bigger the kill" apply to men too? hehe

Brian J. said...

Apparently, at a magazine where I worked for a bit, the publisher came in one day and passed out adoption forms.

Before I worked there, though.

Steven Swain said...

I guess it's always flattering to be asked. Old dudes love to flirt, too.

The CEO said...

Would you still have to work in a law office and have someone check to see if you had turned out the light in the john or not when you left? There might be something to this offer.

BikerbabeNJ said...

you man magnet you

heartinsanfrancisco said...

"The longer the wait, the bigger the kill?"

He's definitely hot for you. And he's been waiting a long time.

Like the Marley song says, He "still can wait some more."