Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along??

This just won't go away. Don Imus and his stupid radio behavior. His ass was fired, but now one of the basketball players he allegedly slandered is sticking her name into the limelight.

A member of the Rutgers women's basketball team sued Don Imus and CBS on Tuesday, claiming the radio personality's sexist and racist comments about the team damaged her reputation.

(Just FYI: "Damaged her reputation" = hurt her feelings) Anyway, wouldn't most sensible people have just taken the moral high ground and moved on?? I guess not, when there is potential money to leech.

It goes on to say:

Vaughn was humiliated, embarrassed and publicly mocked for the comments, the lawsuit claims. Her attorney, Richard Ancowitz, said: "The full effect of the damage remains to be seen."

I googled the esteemed Mr. Ancowitz's website. He has defamation of character listed as one of his specialties. He should also list "getting his name in the news by attaching himself to the back of a dead news story."

Anyway, I do know how things work around here, and hopefully the good sense of any judge where that particular lawsuit was filed. Here this lawsuit would more than likely fade into oblivion because the girl suffered no damage. I don't think she can cash in because her feelings were hurt. If that was the case I would be a rich woman. hehe


CGHill said...

This can't possibly have anything to do with the ginormous sum Imus was paid to go away, can it?

Deb said...

< sarcasm >
Nooooo.. that would make her a money grubbing, fame seeking person who is attempting to take advantage of a situation for personal gain.

And, obviously, she would be donating any money she collects to an equal opportunity (as in for black AND white folks)charity.
< /sarcasm >

Crankster said...

For God's sake, consider the source: Imus looks like a cross between Bill Nighy and the crypt keeper with a hearty helping of transvestite thrown in for good measure.

I hate frivolous lawsuits, and I'm starting to hate the Rutgers Women's basketball team.