Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekend Plans

Normally I love Fridays. Having to work doesn't seem to be nearly so much of a chore when it is on a Friday. I get to wear jeans and sneakers to work. I can load up on caffeine and not worry about it keeping me awake too awfully late. Last weekend was spent with JC. This weekend I will be forced to entertain myself, which isn't nearly as fun.

I have absolutely no plans this weekend other than going to the hobby store to buy a couple of tubes of acrylic paint and work on the painting I started months ago. I have a bad habit of starting these things and then letting life get in the way of finishing them. I'm determined to finish it if it kills me. I had begun a painting from an old Japanese photograph, all in sepia tones. Browns are not the most cheerful color to work with. ;-)

Actually, the more I think about it, the more enthusiastic I get about it. I can't wait to start (and hopefully finish this time).

But I have to get that pesky work thing out of the way first.

What are you guys planning for the weekend?


Shay said...

Today is my sis's b-day. After work we are going to a camp site in the middle of nowhere and staying hidden until Sunday night pizza and carrot cake @ Mom's.

Odat said...

Oh I have sooo much to chose from I don't know where to begin or what to do!!!!! ;-)

Finish those paintings and post them!!!


Sherri said...

Yes, indeed, thank God it's Friday! My only plans for this weekend are to kick back and take it easy. :)

tallyho_2022 said...

I hope I can get in a nap or two. Since I came home from camping I have been sooo tired. I even bribed the boys with money to clean house for me today. (We are allowed to still do that, Right?)

CGHill said...

Me, I'm driving around like a fool.

Deb said...

Hardeeville & beer tomorrow night.. I finally get to meet the famous CG Hill. Wooo Hooo!


Billy's said...

I hope you finish that painting
I think I may get a bit drunk 2morrow. hope you enjoy yourself

CS said...

I'm heading into a kid-weekend. We'll take in the new Harry Potter movie, go listen to music Sunday. That sort of thing. And, if I'm loucky, I'll get in a long walk by myself one morning.

CGHill said...

And you know, the combination of Hardeeville and beer worked out pretty darn well.