Sunday, July 15, 2007


I went to the metropolitan city of Hardeeville, South Carolina to have a mexican dinner and a beer with the wonderful CG Hill of Dustbury last night. Not only was the food very nice, but the conversation was fantastic. I am typically a fairly shy person but he made me feel very comfortable and I seem to have had a problem with shutting up. I felt like I was meeting a good friend.

I think we wore out our welcome in the restaurant though, we were practically pushed out the door. hehe


Aisby said...

There's a Mexican restaurant in Hardeeville? I've never seen anything but truckstops and fireworks stores.

Odat said...

It's nice to meet fellow bloggers isn't it?

Deb said...

Amazingly enough there is a mexican restaurant there, nestled amongst the strip clubs, fireworks stands and hotels. I think from the looks of it, it was a converted fastfood joint.

Yes Odat, it is nice.. and also nice to meet good friends. (I could be wrong here, but I am suspecting that was a little bit of a jab from our conversation last night, lol)