Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Do We Do It

I love that phrase "delicious ambiguity." This is post number 759.

This morning I went through my blog links and read every new post. Two of the blogs were talking about our blog lives, why we blog, the friends we have made through our blogs, etc. That got me thinking about why I do it. The answer? I have no idea.

I began this blog as an outlet to help me deal with something I was having a hard time dealing with. That issue resolved itself (as things tend to do) and now I find myself almost 2 1/2 years later still blogging. At this point I can't say how long I will continue to blog, but I can say that the nature of this blog has changed. It is less personal than it used to be, but it is still my outlet. At one point I was posting several times a day, but these days I force myself to limit it to one post a day (unless, of course, something just screams to be talked about).

A couple of my blog friends have not posted anything new in over two months. I had thought about removing the links, but I like them, and I keep hoping they will resume. One of the missing was my very first link, but his life has moved on and the blog seems to have been left behind. But still.. I cannot remove the link. Maybe after a year or two.

I have watched one particular blogger go from not even knowing what a blog was to becoming one of the nominees for the Bloggers Choice awards, among many, many other awards. (Gooooooo Odat!)

I've seen people's lives change and read daily about how they deal with the changes.

My life has changed dramatically from what it was just last year ago. I still have the same job, same home, same family, but one has been added to the mix that I suspect will bring more (welcome) changes to me and mine.

So now I must go to work with the Insane Potty Monitor, the goofy office partner and the most excellent boss dude (a/k/a AcidBrother). And yes, I will continue to blog about it all, because at this point, it is what I do.


Odat said...

Very nice post!!!!!!! What's the matter with you????? It' almost brought a tear to my eye!!! hehe
Anyhoo, I blog because of you!!!!!
Yup everyone, she's my blog idol!
And like she said I didn't know what the eff a blog was not too long ago....thought it was stupid!
And now, look at Miss Addicted to Blogging me.
Thanks again, my friend...stay happy!

curmudgeon said...

And why not?
As long as you enjoy doing it, who gives a shit the reasoning behind it!

CGHill said...

I've never quite understood the appeal, and I'm well into my twelfth year of this sort of thing.

Maybe it's just that once you reach a certain threshold you can't imagine stopping.

Shay said...

I find it easier to be myself in bloggerville. Also this is how I seem to be realizing my dreams. Better than any therapist! I'm glad you're here in bloggerville, Deb, you're really something special. :D

Deb said...

Odat it is not my fault that you are addicted. You had more than enough warning of how addicting it was before you even started. (Remember the "I'm busy blogging" statements I used to make?? That should have warned you, lol)

You guys are all exactly right.

And Shay.... You are pretty damn special yourself, as well as extremely talented. I can't wait to see more of your photographs.

CS said...

I'm glad you left a comment on my blog, because it brought me over here. 2 1/2 years - that's along time. I just passed the year-mark, and even that amazes me. It sure is addictive.