Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm So Very Cool (apparently)

I've been hearing JC telling his friends that I'm such a "cool girlfriend." I am taking it as a compliment, but again if I think about it.. maybe I'm not being assertive enough about things. hehe

Last night he and my office partner (yes that one) talked me into going to a strip club. I have never in my life been to one of those things, and let me tell you, I will never in my life go to another one. For some reason the headlining stripper took a fascination with me.. tried to get me up there with her, was always coming and sitting on my lap and even squeezed my naughty bits.

Now let me point something out here. I don't care how gorgeous she was (and she was), if it had been a man doing that.. if a MAN that I had never met before now had walked up to me and sat on my lap and began fondling unmentionable places, that man would have gotten a punch in the face. No, not from JC, from me. I wasn't nearly so amused by it as were the people in the party with whom I had associated myself. I took it all in stride though, as we were in a strip club and that is how these girls make their money (no I didn't tip her), but I was not entertained or amused by having my tits squeezed by a complete stranger. Then having her standing up on the stage and waving at me while she was stripping. That was embarrassing. I get stage fright very easily. I don't like to be the center of attention - I don't even like attention to be called to me when I'm in the midst of a crowd.

I won't be going back there. (Unless I can drink lots more alcoholic refreshments before before I go.)


BikerbabeNJ said...

ok am I the only hysterical one here?????? mwaaahaaaaa

hooting and even howling...

first time at a strip club? sheesh, you should've frequented the ones by me that had m/f on each side of the stage... now THAT was a scream!!!!!

and I had a BLAST!!!! ;)

Odat said...


The CEO said...

I wuz hangin out with biker babe in NJ

Deb said...

You people are sick. SICK I say.