Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Work Stuff

Most days the things at work are fairly routine - and dare I say it - possibly even boring. But sometimes something crosses my desk that can't be ignored.

The following is an actual scan of a page from an actual Operations Manual from an actual company. This is page 2 of a list of events that should be reported to management:

Do you see anything a bit odd about this page?



Billy's said...

ah well alien invasion isnt all that uncommon :)

Odat said...

hmmmmm no, why?


Fungle the Gnole said...

I think, as the manual requires it.... You should report all these incidences to management..
And then at half hourly intervals...

Deb said...

Do you get visited often Billy?

Thanks for the advice fungle... what is a gnole anyway? Are you native to north Yorkshire or are you a transplant? LOL