Monday, May 14, 2007

The Life of a Legal Assistant

For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, this desk is my universe. Sad but true. Note the aura of quiet desperation that surrounds it. The attempts to make it my personal space have miserably failed. (If you would like a better view, click on the picture. I've left it all big for you.)

Fig. 1 - Obviously this picture was taken at some point of time prior to St. Patrick's Day. Everyone in the office got one of these nifty head decorations. Mine is still up there, somehow precariously balanced on the lamp shade.

Fig. 2 - Photographs of my babies. The pictures have been buried amongst the rubble, but I know of their comforting presence.

Fig. 3 - Souvenir magnets. One is from Canada, and there are two from the Oklahoma City Zoo. If you will look closely, the giraffe magnet has slipped down below sea level, leaving only the shark. This has now been remedied, and the magnets were moved to a less precarious location.

Fig. 4 - My water bottle. I drink buckets of water. Enough water that the regular styrofoam cups provided by the office isn't enough. I need a bucket. Hence, the bucket.

Fig. 5 - My cell phone, waiting forlornly for the phone call that never comes - the phone call from my Prince Charming asking me to run away with him and escape the drudgery of my servitude. Or something like that.

Fig. 6 - My orchids. I LOVE orchids and they love me (obviously). They bloom like this for about 7 months of the year.

Fig. 7 - More orchids. I love them so they get two entries.

Fig. 8 - Air roots. These things creep me out. They used to come out and point directly at me, but I kept turning the pot. Now they have attached themselves to things and I can no longer turn the pot. When Prince Charming does sweep me away, I will have to leave my orchid behind, as it is now a part of the building.

That's it. Welcome to my world.


Billy's said...

How do you ever find anything on that desk. If prince charming does appear at the office it will take all his time to find you behind all that clutter. lol :)

Odat said...

I disagree with billy...I don't think it's all that cluttered...(mine is a lil worse) but the orchids do make it all look beautiful!!! hehe.


Deb said...

Its a good thing Billy doesn't live with me, that desk pretty much symbolizes my life.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Ohhhh, orchids. Lovely. Flowers make everything better, even servitude. It looks a lot like my desk, about the same amount of stuff.

Remember: one woman's clutter is another woman's life.