Tuesday, May 22, 2007

*Gossip Alert*

Here is what I heard from a reliable source:

A prominent professor at a prominent UK university (which shall remain unnamed), has allegedly been arrested for the alleged murder of his alleged wife. After a quick three second search of the BBC, it has been concluded that the press has not picked up on the story as of yet. You, my dear friends, are the first to know. Updates will be provided as they are available.

Don't you love knowing these things first?



Odat said...

;d Oh my!!


Billy's said...

It's just Idle gossip :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

When I reported a story I had read online about the UK deciding not to include the Holocaust in its curriculum any longer, I was castigated by an English person living in the U.S.

She even wrote to every single person who had commented on my blog to let them know that it was false.

When I checked further, it turned out that the story WAS greatly exagerrated.

I hope you fare better, D. And I will check back to see what new developments become known because yes, I do love knowing these things first.

The CEO said...

I'm glad it was the alleged wife and not the real one.

Deb said...

I will have to go directly to my source, another alleged employee of said alleged university. As soon as I pin down more details you guys will be the first to know.

And Billy.. .gossip is many things, but "idle" is not one of them.