Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Work Email

My office partner and I were emailing back and forth yesterday, even though we work in the same room. This is the entire conversation, sent back and forth in 17 separate emails:

*Players - OP (Office Partner) & Me*

OP (after getting her new email account): Here I am!!

Me: And here I am.

OP: Guess we are here together

Me: It looks that way. Can I borrow your stapler?

OP: uhh ok

Me: I can tell you don't want me touching your stapler. Its fine... no really, I'll do without.

OP (After sitting on hold on the telephone for ages with the water services department): You can have the freakin stapler if it is that important to you. You know what else would be nice? If these water people would pick up.

Me: Yes they are a bit annoying aren't they. Dare you to yell into the phone that they are a bunch of morons and they don't deserve your business.

OP: but I do need water. apparently it is a vital part of living.

Me: Yes I guess. I would appreciate it if you would bathe occasionally as well.

OP: I don't do that now and you haven't said much...WHAT NOW!

Me: DAMN. I thought that was BETTY! (a/k/a Potty Monitor - I heard her giggle when she read that one.)


Me: I'm telling your mother.

OP: Go for it...I shall kill you.

Me.: You probably won't get the chance. The boyfriend will do it this weekend and bury me under the second tree from the right, down by the Chesapeake Bay.

OP: Eh, well, have fun while you can. What a great story it will be for me to tell though...
We were cracking up by this time, since we do literally sit about two feet apart.

We're such nerds. hehe


Billy's said...

what next?.... well you could try phoning each other.

Monty said...

Tell me that you weren't using those silly cameras on your PCs so you could see each other while you were e mailing.

Deb said...

No webcams, no.. but I think I will phone her tomorrow, just to be annoying.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

They're not keeping you guys busy enough, huh?

Flip and I sometimes e-mail each other, even though our desks are about 10 feet apart and we have an unobstructed view of each other.

I adore e-mail.

Odat said...

lol...i do this too...instead of calling a collegue right next to

BikerbabeNJ said...

paper airplanes?