Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I was just over at The CEO's blog and he was talking about what we think other bloggers look like. I just want to say this:

I have a video featuring the world famous Odat, taken this past August, and I am accepting bribes.

Also, Mark has posted a picture of him (well, the back of his head anyway) and The Curmudgeon.

I still find it odd that bloggers look so deceptively normal.


Odat said...

LOL! Not saying nuttin.

Odat said...

BTW, I have pictures of you too ya know!

Steven Novak said...


What bloggers are you looking at again? ;)


Anonymous said...

'Normal'. I think that's the best compliment I've had all day!

The Curmudgeon

Anonymous said...

Tagging you!


Just D said...

You guys are some of my favorite people, but posting a picture of myself isn't going to happen. I'm much too shy. ;-)

Aisby said...

I'm not posting a pic of myself either. But I do think I look relatively normal.

Dave said...

I have a picture of me up, I just can't unblur it(for reasons I'm sure you already know).

The CEO said...

I'm typical, normal. Now Crankster looks like that guy coming out of the sea that Lee has on her site over at Studio 23. Yes he does. He's a looker.