Thursday, December 14, 2006

Inspirational Moment

Please pause for a moment and listen to this spiritual song. It is for the good of your soul.

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(Patience is a virtue, it takes a minute for it to load.)


Odat said...

You're a very sick woman...and I love it!!! lmao

Bruce said...

This more or less defines the Catholicism of my childhood. Of course, it has a better vocabulary.

Good times.

The CEO said...

The Church of Boondoggled. Can I be in the choir?

Just D said...

I knew if anyone was going to appreciate this, it would be you Bruce. (Can I call you Bruce?)

And yes CEO, you can be the choir director if you like.

seventh sister said...

A friend gave us this few months ago. Nobody seems to know who it is. Do you?