Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Year

I was sitting here in my mouse-free apartment (so far so good anyway), trying to think of things that have changed since last Christmas. There are a few differences.

Last Christmas I was still holding on to a relationship that was all but dead.

Last Christmas the only ones that read my blog were Sassan and Markoos. These days neither of them post as much as I'd like them to.

Last Christmas my daughter had just moved from Savannah back to Oklahoma.

I'm still at the same job, still in the same apartment, still have the same dog, still have the same kids. My daughter now lives in Seattle, my ex husband is marrying a woman who apparently looks like me, has the same first name as me, and as was recently discovered, we even have some of the same relatives. The fact that my ex husband is a freak has not changed since last year.

Last Christmas I had not been out of the U.S. This year I have passport stamps and I'm very proud of them. ;-)

Last Christmas I drove a granny car that I loved.. this year I drive a piece of shit Lancer that I hate. (I also get weird looks if I tell anyone around here that I drive a Lancer. Apparently only 18 year old guys who like to race are allowed to drive those.)

Last Christmas I was a year younger. This year I'm a year older.

Last Christmas things were a little different, but not much.

(How's that for coming up with an entire post about nothing at all? hehe)


The CEO said...

You didn't know me last year. Things have gone right into the crapper.

Mist said...

I post about nothing at all every day. Doesn't it feel good?

Mark said...

Last year you weren't part of the Google Collective.

Now you're "one of them".

flusy said...

Well, it's entertaining nothing, anyway.

I bet your ex-husband's new lady who reminds everyone of you doesn't drive a Lancer. And she has to put up with him, too.

I'm having a major problem with Blogger, which is now signing my comments with part of my email address.

This seems to be insurmountable.

I am pissed.

heart in san francisco

Just D said...

Sorry flusy, but I do think the new name is rather cute and clever, if that is any consolation.

Yes Mark, I was one of the brave ones that took the plunge early. So sue me. ;-)

CEO & Mist, I love your blogs, and I'm glad that I somehow stumbled onto them now... now that I think about it I don't know how I stumbled onto them. Its a conspiracy.

Odat said...

What's a Lancer???? LOL

Anonymous said...

Last year I could comment on blogs.


Just D said...

Can't you comment as "Other" and just type your name and url in? That is what I still have to do when I comment on your blog.

Bruce said...

I recently met a guy named "Lancer." Apparently, his mom wanted to name him "Lancelot," but decided that "Lancer" sounded less gay.

I wish I could make this stuff up.

BTW, this is Crankster. For some reason, I can't log on, except as "Bruce." See above post.