Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Prezzies

My gift list for this year:

1. The Onion- Embedded in America, News Archives. My favorite present ever, I think. I was skimming the headlines at work and could not stop laughing. I am taking this with me to keep myself entertained in the quiet moments.

2. A $100 gift card. Yeah baby.

3. A food basket full of chocolates.. and a random package of smoked salmon and jar of mustard:

I'm taking this to my mom.

4. A big box of peanuts. My dad will love them.

5. A jar of homemade fudge that is absolutely the best fudge ever.

6. A Starbucks mug and a Starbucks gift set.. coffee and cookies and stuff. Yummy.

7. A flower pot for one of my orchids. (That reminds me, I forgot to water my plants before I left work, hang on while I email a friend to do it for me.)

8. A huge box of brownies from the local candy store. Those brownies are an inch thick, I swear to God, and frosted, and covered in nuts. Absolutely sublime. They would be perfect for an after sex snack, or even an instead of sex snack, that is how good they are.

9. A 5 pound can of tuna. No shit. Five. Fucking. Pounds. Of. Tuna. Obviously a joke gift but my gawd!

That's it. My car is gassed up and I have my energy drinks bought. I am going to go sleep for a bit now and then I will be off. Those of you that have my cell phone number (and you know who you are), call me tomorrow to help break up the monotony. I fear I will die of boredom.

I will post when I can.




mist1 said...

How big is a five pound can of tuna? I mean, I know it's five pounds, I want to know the dimentions. Where do you find a five pound can of tuna?

Also, I'm starting to think that it's dolphin.

Crankster said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas. All the best!

Nihilistic said...

The brownies are MINE!! MINE I TELL YOU!!

Aisby said...

That basket looks good...smoked salmon and gourmet mustard YUM!

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe trip.

Curmudgeon said...


Just D said...

Mist, the can SAID tuna on it (chunk light). You don't think the company would lie, do you?

Nih, unless you get here soon, the brownies are going to be gone. I have been living on them while I drive............ sorry.

And as far as the smoked salmon goes, refer to the earlier post about smoked salmon=labia. I ain't eating that. (But my mom said she would...)

The CEO said...

I lurves smoked salmon

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Mmmm. Just mmmmmmmm.

Safe trip.