Saturday, December 23, 2006

Conway, Arkansas

I gave up last night and stopped at a hotel. A hotel with a king size bed. A hotel with a king size bed and cable TV. A hotel with a king size bed, cable TV and a jacuzzi.

Do squatters' rights apply to hotel rooms?

*Insert picture of myself being dragged from the room by the police*


Odat said...

Hmmmm....Did anyone knock on your door last night and try to pay you?
What kind of hotel was that??? :-)

Bikerbabenj said...

Now we know why you bought your laptop ;)

Nihilistic said...

Did you pay for any dirty movies?

The CEO said...

I have the king sized bed and the cable TV. The jacuzzi has eluded me so far. Damn it.

Serena said...

you know i could draw that for you