Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's That Time (Almost)

This is it. My last day. Tonight I will be leaving for my long, long, long long lonnnnnnng drive to Oklahoma. That drive takes me 18 hours. I will be worthless when I arrive there and worthless when I get home from there, but in between, LOOK OUT. hehe

I won't be posting much because i) my parents rarely leave me alone long enough to be able to post; and ii) I will be on the go for most of the time I'm there. I will post when I can, but here is a warning for Odat:

I'm going to the zoo again while I am there and I am taking my camera.

I will probably be posting tonight so I can list all my prezzies from the bosses (I hope they give me lots of alcoholic refreshment, like they did last year. hehe), but I will be leaving shortly after.

This should hold you over until I can post again. ;-)

Have a very wonderful Christmas everybody.


Bikerbabenj said...

Have a safe, fun filled trip (((((((((((((((D)))))))))))))))

Aisby said...

I hope you have a great trip. Don't drink the gifts before you drive!!

mist1 said...

Drive safely.

Odat said...

Have a nice drive!!!! See ya soon!

The CEO said...

Stay safe, have a blast, see you soon!