Sunday, October 15, 2006


I think I may make this a weekly event, "Offend the Masses Sunday." It has a nice ring to it. And really, what better day, Sunday, the holy day, the day of worship. The day to offend as many people as possible.

I live in Moderation, Georgia.

I may have posted this one before but I am too fucking lazy to go scan old posts to see. If I have, I humbly apologize for being redundant (bite my ass loser).

This one is for Odat and Bikerbabe. *snicker*

Completely self-explanatory. I should get this to wear on first dates.

This one made me giggle.

Ditto with this one.. it was on a blue shirt on the website.

This pretty much applies to this post as well. It says absolutely nothing about anything, which is basically what I was shooting for, so I have met my goal! woooo hooooooooo

(As always, these lovely fashion statements come from TShirt Hell.)


Odat said...

LMAO...I really have to get one of those shirts!!!

MyHeartHurts said...

I loved these... midget on midget crime creeped me out though! lol ~M


I love WWJD for a Klondike Bar! I think it would be a perfect t-shirt for a church picnic. :)

Nina said...

Much enjoyed your blog. I will be stopping by often!

= )

mist1 said...

We must be neighbors. I live in Moderation, GA too. I love it here.

Nihilistic said...

I see I'm still have issues with my bandwidth...I can't see any of the photos...But tomorrow I will be able to...I have no idea why it always shows them the next day, but it does. So I as always will be one day behind in getting the joke...Poor me...

Just D said...

Moderation, Georgia has some of the best alcohol anywhere, everyone should live here.

Thanks for visiting Nina, have a Braums cone for me. lol

Nihilistic said...

I saw the pictures! Told ya!!!