Sunday, October 15, 2006

*Rant Alert*

I have, in the past, spoken about a former long-term relationship that I was involved in. I was crazy about that man.

Now I have no idea why.

When I first started blogging, I told him what I was doing, and I got nothing but attitude from him, that blogging was a ridiculous waste of time, etc. I continued because I enjoyed it. We parted ways (not because of the blog thing) and life went on.

However, now he has started a blog of his own. That is all fine and dandy and more power to him. I like to read his blog on occasion, because he is a very intelligent and imaginative writer, and so I know that things are well with him, but also because he tends to write.. lets just say…. offensive things about me, but in a snide, underhanded way, so that he can deny it later if it comes down to it. He forgets how well I know him.

He attempted to ban me from the blog (HA HA HA HA, I SPIT ON YOUR BAN), and then it just became a challenge to see what he was trying to hide. The last time I looked at it he had posted something about me, stopping just short of saying I was stalking him. Let me elaborate on something here - this is the man who has hacked my computer, had his hacker friends watching everything I did on the internet (or so he said anyway)… told me that he had someone in my apartment complex watching my every move, so I’d better not dare bring another man there, called the phone company to find out who I had been calling, called me a whore because I called someone in Dallas (my brother), etc.

I would like to say, right here, for all the world to see… that I know the man’s full name, where he works, his cell phone number, where his family members work, the town where his dad lives, his dad’s name, his brother’s name, etc. If I wanted to stalk the man, he would know he was being fucking thoroughly stalked. Through my job I have access to records that are made for specifically locating someone and everything about them, including any professional licenses and their neighbor’s names and phone numbers. He might be surprised to know that I can't be arsed to even do that.

What a fucking ego. He destroyed our relationship, and I just don’t give a flying fuck anymore. I have deliberately left my blog where it has always been and he is free to come and go as he likes, read what he likes, and I have made a point of trying not saying anything nasty about him, or to even refer to him.

This is the only time I will be nasty. Tomorrow I will go back to being respectful of the man.

But at this moment, he is a complete egotistical moron, and I have no need to stalk anyone, least of all him.

That is all. Rant over.

(I shouldn't be blogging in the middle of the night, its possibly not good for my stress levels, hehe)


Bikerbabenj said...

Sounds to me like he's a legend in his own mind.

Poor poor pitiful man.

Odat said...

Do ya feel betterer now?????? ;-)

Just D said...

I do, thanks. lol

MyHeartHurts said...

Apparently he isn't over it. I hope you feel better, I am sure you do! ~M


Hmm, to his claims that you are stalking him I would say to him that it takes a stalker to know a stalker. He was the one who claimed to have people watching your every move, after all. Loser! You should post his pic with your post and just call it a public service for women everywhere. :)

Lee said...

oh honey, don't respect the man...just forget he exists.

curmudgeon said...

You shouldn't be up so late.
You get to thinkin'...

Maricopa Mark said...

Thankfully, I am a pompous arrogant k*ck so I can't relate.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hate to inject a heavy note, but be careful.
I managed a domestic violence shelter and he sounds abusive. They never think they are the problem.

I wish you had posted his URL so we could all keep an eye on him.