Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Boss Day!

Today is Boss Day, which I imagine is another one of those things cooked up by the card companies to guilt people into buying their cards. It worked. I bought my boss a card. I'm also taking him to lunch today. He's a good boss and I like him, so its all good, although Boss Day is probably one of those days that will be ignored by 98% of the population.

If you are an employee, don't forget to wish your boss a Happy Boss Day. If you are a boss and your employee doesn't acknowledge it, maybe you should look inside yourself to see what you are doing wrong, because obviously you are not well liked.... also its too bad that I'm not your employee... I'd be buying you lunch at a mexican restaurant. ;-)

(Turns out that Boss Day was started in 1958 by an employee of State Farm Insurance. Obviously State Farm wasn't keeping her busy enough.)


mist1 said...

Bet that State Farm employee was hated by all other employees. Bet she got a raise too.

Nina said...

Thanks for the reminder!

You just helped cover my ass and that ain't easy, I might add.

Just D said...

Anything I can do to contribute to the happiness and well-being of my friends. I can suck up with the best of em. ;-)

Odat said...

Oh well...too late for me! Too bad I didn't see this yesterday!
I wonder why I didn't....Oh well, in trouble again!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I don't think I've ever had a boss I would willingly take to lunch. He's lucky to have you.

What really bothers me, though, is corporate LINGO. Because deep down I can't stand the idea that someone who's a jerk is my 'superior."

If I had ever worked for Einstein or Spielberg or Meryl Streep, I would feel differently.


Uh-oh, I forgot! Guess that means no raise for me this year, huh?