Friday, October 13, 2006

Oh The Satisfaction

I found someone to rip to shreds.

I had to order a certain weight of cardstock for some appeals briefs that were to be filed. It was an emergency order, and the guy I ordered it from knew it. He brought the ream of cardstock to me and gave it to me with an invoice, which I failed to look at while he was there. After he left I glanced at it and HOLY FUCKING SHIT he charged me $120 for one ream of cardstock!

I was livid. Now granted that money does not come out of my pocket, but it was the principle of the thing dammit.

THEN.. when I started doing the appeal briefs, I open the package of cardstock (half expecting to be laced with pure gold), and it turned out to be paper. I was being made to pay $120 for a ream of paper.

I called the guy and politely asked did he MEAN to charge me $120 for one ream of the wrong fucking shit. He said he didn't mean for it to be the wrong stuff, but the price was correct.. then had the BALLS to ask me did I want to keep it.

NO COME GET IT. At that price I would be afraid to touch it.

He was a little unhappy with me. I was a LOT unhappy with him. Too bad too cuz he was damn cute, which explains why I didn't look at the invoice when he was there. I was too busy checking out his ass.



Maricopa Mark said...

Behold, the power of the tush.

Just D said...

Yeah well.. see the next post.


Bikerbabenj said...

you go girllllllllll

Just D said...

Well the next time there will be no meaningful conversaton, no deep eye contact, only ass watching and nothing more. He has hurt my feelings.

I can be shallow dammit.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm sure he's taking advantage of the fact that he has a nice ass. We've all done it. He overcharged you by about $100 and should give you the paper for free. If he doesn't, just ream him. :)

Just D said...

That last sentence made me giggle. lol

mist1 said...

Please post pic of his ass.