Friday, October 13, 2006

The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2006

I was just reading The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, and he was commenting on the possible pumpkin shortage this year (okay panicking a little about it actually).

I thought I would do my part to ease the minds of anyone who might be buying into the paranoia:

I have my jack-o-lantern. :-)


Odat said...

Hey!!! you stole him from me!!!!
I looked for him all day today!

Just D said...

Oh well.. you snooze you looze. lol

Michael C said...

Ok, now I'm really panicking!!

Maricopa Mark said...

Butt, butt, butt stop posting my ass on the interweb.

Damned it!

Bikerbabenj said...

nice pumpkin

omg i'm hysterical the verification word for me was lfxsexq suppose it's a coincidence?


Just D said...

Mark I know you told me when you sent me your ass pic that you would prefer I didn't show it off to everyone, but come on, look at it.. you should be proud.

Flaunt it if you have it, I always say.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm dying to know what you keyed in when you did your image search.

Guy with jack o' lantern face on ass? I never find stuff like that. I'll have what she's having.

Just D said...

My friends love me so much. I had this sent to me in at least 3 emails.

This is how I know I'm loved.


Hmm, pumpkin shortage solved, but now there is going to be a cute ass shortage.