Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Sleepy

I came home from work sleepy. I've been sleepy all afternoon. I think that is the side effect of having lunch at a yummy mexican restaurant. But on the bright side, I scored MAJOR brownie points today, with the card, and the latte (oh yeah, I didn't mention the latte did I), and then lunch, and only minimum whining about a last minute deadline.

And I tried very very hard, but I don't think I quite succeed, at sounding interested in his weekend football analysis. He took my "awww too bad" at his news of his two teams losing as a little insincere.

Good thing I thought of the latte.


mist1 said...

You can't say, "awww too bad" at a football loss. You have to say something like, "well, the season is still young and the guys need to pull it together. Where the hell was the defense?"

It's not cute like a kitten. It's war.

Please note that although I sound like an expert, I actually know nothing about football except that I look really cute in a child-sized jersey.

Odat said...

You're such the suck ass!!!! My god!!!! ;-)

Nihilistic said...

And where is MY latte?

Just D said...

I got you one Nih.. I did, but you weren't there to drink it so I was forced to drink it for you. You would have loved it.

And Odat........ I never claimed otherwise. hehe