Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Scotland, Part I

Alrighty then. You clamoured for it, here it is. (Okay, only one of you politely asked, but hey, I can blow it all out of proportion if I want to.)

(Thursday Afternoon) I started off my trip by a stop in Newark with a 5 hour layover. My good friends Bikerbabe (a/k/a Pam) and Odat (a/k/a Kathy) came to the airport to keep me well entertained until time for me to take my shoes off and go back through security. We had such a good time. We'd be dangerous if we lived closer together. I am assuming that they would prefer I don't post their pictures, but if I am given their permission I will do so.

(Friday Morning) This the view from my window on the plane. It was an overnight flight, but we flew into the sunrise which I have to say is very cool.

(Friday Morning) My first view of Scotland... the pictures do not do it justice.

(Saturday Morning) Yes I know, there are a day's worth of pictures missing, but there is a very very good reason for that. Anyway, this is the view at sunrise from my hotel room window the morning after my arrival in Glasgow.

(Saturday Morning) I was convinced (with great difficulty I must say) that riding the Glasgow subway was not going to get me murdered, so I found the station and took it across town a bit so I could see Glasgow University and go to a museum I wanted to see. This is the tower at Glasgow University.

(Saturday Morning) Up the street from the Kelvingrove Museum. I wanted to go there because they had an original Salvador Dali painting. I thought this was a great view.

(Still Saturday Morning) A view of the front of the Kelvingrove Museum.

(Yep..Still Saturday Morning) One of the statues on the building.

After I left the museum, I walked on out the back door down along a very polluted brook. If I was really careful I could get some decent pictures without trash, but it was a little difficult. Glasgow is a gorgeous city, but the parts that are assumed to not be looked at much is completely neglected. Anyway, this is a closer view of the tower at Glasgow University, taken from that path.

(Same Day. Still) I took this picture along that same path. I have no idea what kind of flower this was but it was gorgeous.

That is it for Part I of my trip. I still have loads (and loads) of pictures to post, including pictures of things inside the museum.

{Part II, Coming Up..........}


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