Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scotland, Part II - Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum. The place of myths and legends. The reason I braved the Glasgow subway to make my way to pay homage to grace and beauty. That and I was made fun of for being chicken. I'll show him who's chicken dammit. (snicker)

Okay so I took the subway (after searching high and low for the underground station. I was told it was on Buchanan Street, and it was, but I, being me of course, turned the wrong way and ended up finding the station at St. Enoch instead. A longer walk, but it still got the job done. So I get on this subway thing, and sit there and try to blend in. I was absolutely aching to take pictures, but I kind of figured it was best to not look like a fucking tourist at that moment.

The subway stopped at Kelvin Hall, which was my exit. I wandered down the street looking for a place to buy a hair dryer (more on that later), and I found a Salvation Army storefront. I went in there and browsed the much used goods and bought a few books. I then left and went to the beauty supply store across the street and bought some hair items since mine blew the fuse in my room (yeah I'll tell you about that later).

This is a zoom of the building details. It is a very beautiful building and I took far too many pictures of the outside.

Alright so I'm a girl, I confess I like these dresses.

I didn't take note who the artist was on this painting, but its dark theme appealed to me.

Stained glass (duh)... very pretty.

Okay, I know these butterflies aren't exactly the type of thing you take pictures of when you visit a world famous museum, but I had to. The reason why was this: I had traversed the room these butterflies were in, and had just seen another box similar to this one, with other butterflies, and the description saying that those particular butterflies are disappearing from Scotland, something about environmental issues. So then I come upon this one saying that these butterlies were making a comeback in Scotland, probably due to global warming. Eh? Now come on, either the butterlies are disappearing due to global warming or reappearing due to global warming, I can't quite see how it can be both ways.

Okie dokie. Blogger has decided that I am not allowed to upload any more pictures for now, so this is all until I can get it to work again.

Coming Up: Scotland, Part III - Kelvingrove Museum, The Continuing Saga.....

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