Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holy Shit

I hadn't been watching the news.

My brother (the pilot) phoned me this morning to tell me about the goings on over in the UK, the terrorist plot to blow up airlines destined for the United States. He casually asked me when my vacation was (the 24th), are you going through London? (No, from Newark to Glasgow.)

This is just great. My mom is already having a cow about me going to Scotland on vacation. I have reminded her that there aren't any terrorists in Scotland. She'll have something to say about that now I bet.

Nothing can ever be simple for me.. every fucking thing has to have drama. (And YES, I'm making the terrorist plot all about me, do you have a problem with that??)

I have decided that I am going on that trip no matter what. I would rather die on a plane after spending 4 lovely days in Scotland than alone, in my apartment, having died after choking on a peanut, and my dog eating my face off because there was nobody there to feed him and he was hungry.



Sassan Sanei said...

I'm not saying it's all about you, just that if you rearrange the letters in:

Boondoggled returns DOA from trip

you get:

God forbid, a terror plot demon's gun!

Coincidence? I think not.

Just D said...

Somebody take Sassan's dictionary away from him.


Odat said...

I was thinking of you when i heard this ....tsk tsk.....Oh least i'll get to see you once!!!
LMAO (you'll be fine!!)

Bikerbabenj said...

sassan is killing me !!!!!!!!

Sassan Sanei said...

Here's another one. (It's relevant because you're not going through London.)


Steven Swain said...

I think you'll be okay. Just try to stay positive and definately watch your back.