Saturday, July 15, 2006

Arg Mateys

I went today to see Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest. I wasn't expecting much as sequels are rarely as good as the originals (and I LOVED the original), but I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised.

The plot unfolds as follows:

On the day of Elizabeth and Will's wedding, they are both arrested and sentenced to death for helping with the escape of Captain Jack Sparrow. The person doing the arresting is a wicked evil English lord (apparently). He throws Elizabeth in the jail and blackmails Will into going after Captain Jack, to bring back something of Jack's that the wicked evil English lord wants.

Meanwhile, on the Black Pearl...

Captain Jack's time is up. He made a deal with Davey Jones 13 years before and it is now his time to pay his debt. (On a side note, Davey Jones was played very nicely by Bill Nighy, who is one of my favorite actors.) Captain Jack knew that his time was up and was in search of a key that would open Davey Jones' treasure chest, where Davey Jones stashed his still beating heart because of his love for a woman. The only way the kill Davey Jones (and free the sailors who had bargained their way into 100 years of servitude to Davey) would be to stop his heart.

There was one very entertaining sword fight between Jack, Will and Commodore Norrington (remember him??) as they were all three trying to get the heart for their own agendas.

Okay, I will stop here because anything else I add will be spoiling the plot for anyone who would like to see the movie.

I do have one complaint about it. It is a fucking cliffhanger! I hate movies that end like that. I tolerated it with Kill Bill, but come on. To end it like that and expect me to wait patiently for a year until the next one comes out? That is just mean, and I will hold a grudge against Johnny Depp for this. (He will now have to beg for me. Of course I'll still give in, but he won't know that at the time, will he.) ;-)

Boondoggled Rating:

3.78 stars out of 5

It would have gotten more stars if not for the cliffhanger, and the truly horrifying scene of the crow plucking out the eyeball of a guy in a cage. EWWWW

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Scorpy said...

..You could have put a warning up for 'Spoilers' for those that have not yet had the pleasure of wacthing POTC-DMC..but luckily I've seen it and agree it was pretty good....I did not know about the third movie though and was pissed off at the ending!