Friday, July 14, 2006


I am having email problems at work. We have IT people who are supposed to take care of it, but everytime they even TOUCH my computer they make things worse. Can't kill em, can't stop paying em because they are under contract.

Also, they saw fit to install PC Anywhere on my computer so they can have access to it without actually having to touch it. I call foul on that and disable it whenever it comes up. They can do what they are fucking paid for and come HERE to fix it.


Or maybe I'm just bitter.


Steven Swain said...

They can use remote acess on my computer at work, too. It's usally pretty reliable, but a little creepy if you ask me.

Bikerbabenj said...

having IT problems at my work too, as you noticed... but their "fix" didn't "fix it" .... NOW WHAT??? ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

markoos said...

IT people are teh suXXor.

the it dood at the palce i sometimes works is a complete dolt. he gets paid the BIG $ and does a cool 20 hr week.